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Webinar Recordings

Overview of Special Education/Basic Rights

February 2020

CSNI partnered with The Parent Information Center (PIC) to present a free webinar on an Overview of Special Education/Basic Rights.

This free workshop provided a quick overview New Hampshire's special education process, including an introduction to some important requirements that support parent involvement in the process and tips to help you to be a more effective participant in your child's education.

Voting Rights for People with Disabilities

January 2020

CSNI partnered with the Disability Rights Center (DRC) to present a free webinar that was a basic overview of voting rights for people with disabilities. They discussed civic engagement, the right to vote and accommodations that are available. You can view the videos that were mentioned in the recording here: www.drcnh.org/disability-unscripted/ 

Dual Diagnosis: 

July 2019

CSNI partnered with NH BDS to host “Dual Diagnosis: Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness”, a training by Jennifer McLaren, M.D. We strongly encourage anyone who coordinates or provides support to individuals with disabilities to watch this presentation. It contains invaluable information regarding the recognition of mental illness in people with intellectual disabilities, and strategies on becoming a strong advocate for those you support in this area.

STABLE NH/Special Needs Trusts

May 2019

The presentation gave a brief overview of Special Needs Trusts and STABLE NH Accounts at the beginning of the webinar. There was then a panel discussion with the four presenters that took us through different scenarios in which one may benefit from a STABLE NH Account or a Special Needs Trusts.

The presenters included Ann Butenhof and Judith Bomster from Butenhof and Bomster, PC as well as Chuck Saia and Bill Dwyer from STABLE NH

Brain Injury- A Closer Look

March 2019

CSNI partnered with the Brain Injury Association of NH for our March webinar. Erin Hall, Director of Programs and Services, provided a brief overview of different ways an individual can receive a brain injury and shared information on changes that can occur and how to support an individual living with a brain injury. 

(We experienced technology challenges at the beginning which is why it starts abruptly with no introductions.) 

When the Bus Stops Coming: Transition Planning

February 2019

CSNI was honored to have Mindy Huckins, Senior Director of Family and Participant Directed Services at Gateways Community Services join us for our February webinar. Transitioning from high school to adult life can be exciting! It can also bring a lot of questions, uncertainty, and worry. Mindy defined what transition is, how to begin, and a review on how your Area Agency can support you through this process.

Applied Behavior Analysis

January 2019

CSNI partnered with the Institute of Professional Practice, Inc. (IPPI) for this webinar to explore the ways Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used to support the growth, goals and dreams of people with I/DD, Autism, and other needs.  Le'Ann Milinder from IPPI gave a short introduction to ABA, explained what it is, what it’s not, and how to access ABA services. She also discussed the features that ensure a high quality ABA plan or program.

Special Needs Trusts

December 2018

CSNI partnered with with Butenhof & Bomster, PC for their third webinar together. On December 19th, Attorneys Ann N. Butenhof and Judith L. Bomster presented a webinar on Special Needs Trusts. They discussed the different types of special needs trusts (self-settled, third-party and “pooled” trusts), when each trust type should be used, how they protect public benefits eligibility, and how funds within the trusts should be distributed. 

Neuropsychological Evaluations for Adults with Disabilities 

November 2018

CSNI teamed up with Dr. Stefanie Griffin to provide information for families, guardians, individuals with disabilities and service professionals regarding neuropsychological evaluations. 

Information that was covered includes what a Neuropsychological Evaluation is, how it is conducted, what it is for, how to know when you or a loved one could benefit from one, how often they should be conducted, and more.


October 2018

CSNI held the next webinar in our series on October 25, 2018. We were honored to have Ann Butenhof and Judith Jones from Butenhof & Bomster, PC as our presenters again to provide more details around Guardianship specifically. 

(please note that there were technical difficulties with the technology this day. The power point shared in the video did not have all the words written on them and were sometimes "fuzzy." You can view the updated power point here. ) 

Power point on Guardianship- (pdf)


The Beginning Steps to Planning for Your Child's Future

September 2018

CSNI partnered with Butenhof & Bomster, PC to present a webinar on Estate Planning 101. This was an overview for individuals, families and staff of the steps to planning for the future of your child. It was an overview of estate planning basics, such as health care and financial powers of attorney, wills and trusts.  A future webinar scheduled for October 25, 2018 will dive in deeper on guardianship. 

STABLE NH Accounts

February 2018

CSNI partnered with Chuck Saia, the Executive Director from the Governor's Commission on Disability and Bill Dwyer, NH's State Treasurer to present a high level overview of the STABLE NH Accounts. These accounts are a result of the ABLE Act that allows individuals with disabilities to have a savings account without losing their state benefits. 

Thank you VERY MUCH for offering webinars.  It's GREAT for individuals and families to be able to tap into technology to gain access to useful and beneficial information and trainings. You have eliminated the need for planning (and paying for) childcare, travel time, gas/mileage. etc!  This is such a win/win for the individuals, area agencies, presenters and families.  I'm delighted that you are moving forward in this manner with trainings.  

                 - Stefanie A.